School History

      San Miguel Elementary School was formerly known as Butocan. It has a land area of 591.05 hectares. Classes were held under rented houses in the community until school was formally opened on April 23, 1916.

   The school site was purchased by the government from civic-spirited people in the community to name: Mr. Severino Dalisay, Mr. Agustin Sarmiento and Mrs. Regarda Belsonda. A 3 room BPS building was constructed sometime in 1925, through the efforts of the bario people. There and then, their earnest dream to have a complete elementary education materialized.

   San Miguel geographical location being the center has served as the district office in the early 60's called Butocan or San Miguel District composed of San Miguel, San Gabriel (Annex called Mortera), Santiago I, Santiago II, Bautista, Sto. Cristo, San Francisco and Sta. Maria.

Mission & Vision