Education is always thought of as a process to bring change in man’s behavior, the transmission of knowledge hoping that man’s future would be changed…would be better. Quality education is what the San Miguel Elementary School aims for. It aspires to prepare students for today and tomorrow.

      Children's Wish As can bes seen from the pictures, our Grade 3 class with 63 pupils crowded in a room with very little space for the teacher to move around, also our Grade 6 class with 59 pupils having similar situation as the grade 3, the Grade 2-B class holding class at our school library,additional classroooms are badly needed. our wish is for this old dilapidated Gonzalez Type Building to be repaired/replaced and be functional. It had stood there idlefor quite sometime.

      We the pupils, will share his/her blessing fo this worthwhile cause. Pupils of San Miguel Elementary School.

Mission & Vision