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Flowers over the miles

The eFlorist is now online!
If you are not in the Philippines, you can still send flowers to your loved ones in Metro Manila via What is

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 No to metering!


Sa Mauulit!!   The traditional Filipino bayanihan spirit truly doth surpass all understanding. After the Valentine's Day "Massacre" on Feb 14, wherein bored PLDT operators yawned and fell asleep waiting for the phone to ring, The Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. is calling on telephone users to engage in another coordinated protest action, , aptly dubbed the "Ides of March" on March 15 against PLDT's scheme to impose telephone metering. We ask you to join us in NOT using PLDT long distance services, whether local or international on that day.

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2nd Philippine Online Survey

You can now participate in the 2nd Philippines Online Survey by going to the LiveWire! Manila site at or the Philippine BBS List page at

Fill in the survey and win prizes. The survey will run until April 30, 1999.

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