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Cable Internet is here!

Reprinted from Site of the Times, Volume 1, No. 6, October 1998

In a surge of brilliant technological achievement, NewGen Information Technology (NewGen IT) and Home Cable Network is providing the first-ever cable Internet service in the Philippines -- NewGen Cable.Net (http://www.cable.net.ph).

Making history of tedious redialing of an Internet service provider and having to deal with clogged lines during peak hours, NewGen Cable.Net guarantees speedy access and instant global connection.

As explained by NewGen IT General Manager, Butch Cabanban, "by providing a high speed, reliable and efficient 24-hour network connection compared to standard dial-up Internet connection, subscribers will be able to make use of the vast information resources and service available on the Internet without experiencing busy signals and hassle of dial-up Internet connections."

As a new technology, Cable.Net makes use of the lines of cable television. Using the connections of Home Cable, access to the Internet does away with the land lines of telephones and provides the users with a bigger bandwidth facilitating a faster transmission of data, images and sounds; plus, of course, the regular cable programs.

Cabanban adds, "Due to high speed connectivity, access to the Internet via cable will become the standard for high speed Internet access among governments, companies, universities and schools and eventually private citizens."

Internet subscribers do not have to wait when switching web sites or downloading large files. Using the immense bandwidth of NewGen Cable.Net, users receive connection speeds several hundred times faster than conventional dial-up modems and 100 to 200 times faster than current ISDN and leased-line connections. The increased bandwidth makes it also possible for multi-user and multi-site applications, and subscribers to video conferencing at 30 frames per second, view video clips and CD quality sound in real time. Files that take several minutes to download and upload over conventional dial-up networks can be received at Ethernet speeds.


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