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New Year's Resolution of the CyberFlips

By smbea mabelle@msc.net.ph



Chatting may very well be said as one of the favorite pastimes of the cyberflip. On DALNet alone, more than a thousand Filipinos from all over the world chat there at all times in any given day. And New Year's eve was not an exception.


Though text-based, the cyberflips were making their own kinds of noises and fireworks on IRC through their impressively designed (and stolen) popups.


"This is safer," says <^|Hawk_eye|^> when I chanced on him in #Filipino. "At least here, I won't get my hands injured..." Insistent prodding from my end made him reveal that a five-star exploded in his right hand a couple of years back. He was lucky that he still got to keep all five fingers although the explosion left a scar on his palm. But that one incident was enough to make him stay clear from five-stars and potentially explosive materials.


New year's eve on the DALNet Filipino channels was visually challenging (read: too much talking among Filipinos, the chat screen goes about 100 lines a minute, you'd wish you were hearing the fireworks and the noise instead of reading it!).


And along their merry-making on IRC, these cyberflips were not without their New Year's resolutions.


On #makaticity, <zymo> says, "Increase my time on chatting...lol" while <GoBerNaDor> declares, "New year's resolution ko ay di na ako magcha-chat..." (I won't chat anymore). It looks as though <zymo> is doing good on his resolution since every time I get on the channel, he never fails to be there. <GoBerNaDor>, in my opinion, is fighting a losing battle. Just a day after the new year, I saw him back on the channel chatting all the way from Taiwan.


On #oi_pnoy, <Bamboo`> promises not to play jokes on his officemates. He works as a technical support staff in one of the ISPs in the Philippines. Who knows what kind of jokes he plays on his officemates. He declined to comment further.


<Kulit> resolves to start dieting and make herself thin this new year ("Hmmm...magpapa-payat na akooooo"). She didn't give her vital stats but it's best to assume she's on the heavy side for her to make that kind of resolution.


<bluebees> declared, "Ako di na ako magpa-flooding!!!" (I won't flood the channel anymore), which could be taken that he's a flooder and may have been given the boot on several occasions.


<mikecael> says, "Oi, babawasan ko ang time ko sa pag-chat, tulog na lang." (I'll cut down my chat time, I'll sleep instead). Technically speaking it looks like he's doing good on his resolution. He still gets on the net for many straight hours but he doesn't chat, just mostly keeps quiet and sleeps on the job! Like <Bamboo`>, he's also a tech support staff in the same ISP.


<killer_eyes>, typical of his nick, says he'll stop macking (macking is another word for flirting with other chatters).


Still another chatter, <aRjEE`> was being philosophically funny. Asked what his new year's resolutions, he quips, "Ako...??? Hmm, hinde na ako mag-mirc...pirch na lang!!!" (Me? I won't mirc anymore…I'll use pIRCh instead.)



On #filipino, <hayds> says, "My new year's resolution is never again will I fall in love with a chatter!!" (I wonder who broke his heart and how it happened...).


<PUGO> resolves not to smoke anymore while <Bateman> resolves not to drink anymore. <hey_its_me> promises to regulate her chatting (Probably made her parents nuts over her Internet bills the previous year.).


<zozo> says he wants to get rich and do well for the rest of his college years, then like any other males on IRC, promptly turned on his come-on line, "Your name is so sexy..." to which I responded with a "thanks" and a quick /ignore zozo command.



On #manila, <Gimmer`> says, "Umm...to get up earlier heheheh."


<Paul_Gilbert> quickly responds, "Stop chatting lol...and stop smoking."


<EZY> strongly resolves to get a gf for `99, while <derick08> promises to exercise regularly and pray at least three times a day.


<crystal_king> reluctantly tells, "Well...I need to go out more often cause I'm hooked on this thing most of the time."


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