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Credit card firms Y2K ready

CEBU CITY (PNA)-- Credit card holders won't need to worry about embarrassing rejections of their cards at the millennium crossover, or even as early as now.

Several credit card companies have assured that they are already Y2K (year 2000) ready, or will be soon.

The Y2K or millennium bug is a problem that date-dependent equipment will face if they recognize only the last two digits of the year.

They will interpret 0l/0l/00 to mean Jan. l, 1900 instead of Jan. 1, 2000.

There had been reports that in the United States, some credit cards due to expire in the year 2000 yet had already been rejected as expired by merchants.

But according to Bankard center manager for the Visayas operations center Mylene Evangelista, the center's Manila office has already acquired a new software to address the problem.

She explained that the local branch does not produce the cards anymore.

For four years, the local Bankard branch handled the production of the credit cards in the region. But the production has now been centralized at the main office in Manila.

Anavi Boscato of the customer service division of Solidbank credit cards said that the bank's systems department has addressed the Y2K problem.

Both Love Senarlo, a Bank of the Philippine Islands card marketing assistant, and Mafi Arpon, credit authorization assistant of Diners Club, said that their respective Manila offices were already working on the problem. (PNA) BFM/EB/FCE/ad

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[This news item quoted from the Philippine Cyberview mailing list.]

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