Wired! Philippines What's up ERAP?
A Quick Survey of Erap Sites

It's not so much as our new President is a non-geek when it comes to computers and the Internet. It's just the way he is. But deep inside he has a good heart and a genuine concern for the Filipino.

Visit the Official Web Site of the President of the Philippines http://www.erap.com and click on Frames or NonFrames

  • contains full text of "BRAVING THE STORM" speech of His Excellency PRESIDENT JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA THE FIRST 100 DAYS OF THE ESTRADA PRESIDENCY on 8 October 1998 at the Ceremonial Hall, Malacanang
  • links to an executive summary
  • links to the top news in Yahoo <http://www.yahoo.com> and the Washington Post <http://www.wash.post>
You heard about the joke about how you can know if the computer belongs to Erap?

The screen is filled with correction fluid.

Laban ng Makabayang Makamasang Pilipino http://www.erap.org

Not much to see in this site here but just links to the Official PMP Site <http://cobra.worldport.com> and Official JEEP Site <http://www.jeep.org.ph>

I wonder what they are up to nowadays?


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