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A community can be best described as a group of people sharing the same interests. A community that thrives is one that continuously shares information and ideas with one another. They contribute to one another's growth and in a sense they are able to produce a bond within that community as they furnish each other with theis needs.

What better medium to use than the Internet to facilitate the growth of communities. The global village that we now inhabit, thanks to the Internet, was just a dream a few years back, now it is a reality.

People from all walks of life, from all over the world can now communicate with one another in relative case and in real time. A very powerful tool, the Internet has literally bridged everyone, that is everyone with a computer, telephone line, modem and Internet connection -- creating the once elusive global village dream.

The Internet can be viewed as a community with an evolving culture. Because the Internet makes communication much easier and places vast amounts of information at one's fingertips (and mouse clicks), it has the the potential of being an important shaper of social forces in the world. The new electronic media has radically altered the way people think, feel and act. We are in the midst of revolution, yet most of us have to understand that the world will never be the same again.

One company that started in 1996, around the time when the Internet industry was just growing here in the Philippines realized this. More importantly, this company not only realized the emerging importance of this new medium but it also put value in maintaining the identity of the Filipino even in the age of the Internet.

Web Philippines,Inc. is at the forefront of the development of the online Filipino communities. WPI President Ramon Canumay believes that this is a great opportunity for Filipinos to better appreciate the Internet as a legitimate communication medium. "For once, Pinoys online, wherever they are, will have access to Pinoy sites reflecting Pinoy culture."

One of the most successful endeavors of WPI has been the creation of truly Filipino websites, the most successful of which so far has been www.trabaho.com wherein WPI has brought together numerous employers and job hunters in what is now known as The Premier Filipino Job Hunting Website . Trabaho.com can be described as a thriving online community because it has successfully brought together people who share experiences and people who benefit from one another, in this case, there are jobs for job seekers and qualified applicants for employers. Users can even interact online via career counseling by in-house HR specialists that address questions about job hunting and issues in the workplace.

Through the success of Trabaho.com has been enormous, this does not stop WPI from further developing the largest Filipino online network. Undergoing development is Tindahan.com, WPI's online mall that will serve businessman and the net surfers as the trend of electronic commerce becomes stronger. Also other sites like Kasal.com, Sentro.com, Komiks.com and Kalendaryo.com are further being developed as separate online communities that will cater to more Filipino Internet users.

The battlecry of Web Philippines is "Web para sa Pilipino, Pilipino para sa mundo." The global village has taken shape, what is left for us Filipinos to take advantage of this new age. WPI hopes to achieve this without sacrificing our own unique culture. Therein lies the importance of the online Filipino community.

"We invite all to join us and grow with us," says Mr. Canumay. For more information visit http://www/webphilippines.com.

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