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The Philippine Foundation of Science Communicators, Inc.

Science Communication: An Overview

Philippines 2000 is a rallying call for Filipinos to unite toward a newly industrializing status for the country by the turn of the century. The leading edge in this bid is the nation's science and technology sector. Much depends on the people's capacity to absorb modern technology and to integrate it fully into productive and service activities.

Science Communication or scicom is at the heart of the entire process.

Scicom aims to study and practice communication for generating, exchanging and utilizing scientific and technological information for agro-industrialization.


The Philippine Foundation of Science Communication, Inc. or PHILSCICOM was organized as an offshoot of the National Conference on Development Communication held in November 10 and 11, 1993 at the Institute of Development Communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

PHILSCICOM now draws membership from the academe, research and developmental institutions, media, business community, government and non-government agencies, and other sectors engaged in S&T in general, and scicom, in particular.

The Mission

PHILSCICOM is a non-profit, non-stock organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It aims to:

  • Advance the development of science communication as an academic field and as a profession;
  • Serve as a coordinating body for science communication related instruction, research and extension activities;
  • Establish a network for science communication professionals in the Philippines;
  • Advocate the formulation of S&T communication and information policies; and
  • Serve as a forum for discussion of S&T-related issues.

For more information, contact PHILSCICOM at the Institute of Development Communication, UP Los Baños at this number (049) 536 3356. You can also send e-mail to ivy@uic.net.ph.


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