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Valentine's Day Protest

[This was forwarded to the Philippine Cyberview mailing list by the Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. WIRED! Philippines' January issue contains a news item on PLDT's nearing imposition of telephone metering. Join us in the protest against phone metering!]

On St. Valentine's Day, join us in protest against PLDT's plan to impose telephone metering.

The Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. is calling on telephone users to engage in a coordinated protest action on February 14, St.Valentine's Day, against PLDT's scheme to impose telephone metering.

For one day, Feb. 14, we ask you to join us in NOT using PLDT long-distance services, local or international. Should you have relatives abroad, and if you absolutely have to be in touch with them on that date, please make prior arrangements to have them call you. You can also use alternative non-metered means such as e-mail.

That's it. We are not asking anyone not to use the phone at all. We just ask that you do not to make any long-distance calls, local or international, through PLDT. If such calls cannot be avoided, we suggest that they be minimized as much as possible.

Why are we doing this? In May and June of this year, PLDT wants to show us its love by ramming a local-call metering scheme down our collective throat. They think that there is no opposition to stop them. After all, they've already taken care of the media and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Who else is left?

Just us. And you. Join us in sending this small token of our love and concern to the telephone company. Let them know you care.

For more information about us and other ways to show you care about local-call metering, visit our sites at: http://iconn.com.ph/magnet/

[The Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. (PLDTi) is a consumer advocacy group that seeks to expose and eliminate anti-consumer practices and policies by business and government. PLDTi may be contacted through their legal counsel at telephone numbers.: 819- 2635, 750-6881 to 83; Fax: 817-4754; or through E-mail: pldti@iconn.com.ph. For more information on the telephone metering issue, visit the League's NO.TO.METERING web site at: http://www.iconn.com.ph/magnet/.]

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