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Computerworld, through its Research Group, conducted a study, the first of its kind, which surveyed the IT infrastructure of the Philippines as well as the IT practices and directions of Philippine companies. According to ComputerWorld Philippines, manufacturing companies and banks are the dominant IT users today. MERALCO tops the list, followed by Far East Bank, Philippine National Bank, San Miguel Corporation, National Power Corporation, RFM Corporation, Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications, BayanTel, ABS-CBN, and PhilamLife. For a complete listing of CW's Premier 100, go to http://www.computerworld.com.ph.

Several roll-over trial calls from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 were made for landline to landline, landline to mobile and vice versa, mobile to mobile and dial up data modem services including fax by the Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications or PLDT. The Y2K inter-carrier call simulation was tested among PLDT, Smart and Globe phones. According to PLDT, the test calls were successful, even for other risk dates such as February 28 to 29, 2000. The test calls were conducted to assure phone users that there will be no problem for all types of calls at the turn of the century into the new millenium.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue launched its tax computerization project in order to attain full computerization of the bureau's operations. Through this tax computerization project, there will be improved quality of revenue systems, timely, accurate and relevant information, and voluntary compliance. Part of the computerization of BIR is the development of the integrated tax system which will provide maximum automation and minimum manual interention in BIR operations.

The Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications (PLDT) has acquired Smart Communications, Inc. This after the phone giant issued P37.0 billion in new common shares to Smart's shareholders, Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and First Pacific Group. This move by PLDT was predicted to enhance PLDT's competitive competition. It will enable PLDT to be globally competitive by offering fully integrated services such as voice, cellular, internet and data transmission.

Filipinas: Isang Kasaysayan, is a CD-ROM retelling Philippine history through the Ayala Museum dioramas launched by the Filipinas Heritage Library, and electronic research center on Philippine history. The CD, which has 63 dioramas with narratives, considers the large social milieu alongwith the ordinary lives and events that make up the country's historical heritage.


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