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An Open Invitation to the Open Source Network (OSN)

By Migs Paraz OSN Program Director

The Open Source Network (OSN) is a new project of IPhil Communications which was established to facilitate the development of Philipine Open Source resources. It has a web site - http://osn.iphil.net - which is under development and will contain more content about its mission, mission, objectives and values.

I would like to invite you to join the following mailing lists. All of them can be joined by any individual - so feel free to extend the invitation - and all of them are free of charge.

  • osn-announce
    This is the announcements mailing list, which is read-only. Only the list owners may post to this list. This will only be used to post important messages. Announcements will be crossposted to all these lists, so this list is targeted for those who do not want to join the other lists.
  • osn-talk
    This is for general discussion about the OSN. We want you to take part in forming the OSN by reacting to the OSN's principles and take part in its projects as well.
  • osn-training
    This is for discussion on the OSN's Training Programs, which are currently being implemented by IPhil. IPhil's training material is open for reuse by other organizations, making it more useful for the community. Attendees of IPhil's training programs can discuss the course material before the actual classroom training, and can comment afterwards to improve its quality and relevance.
  • osn-help
    This is for help, questions and answers about Open Source software. While there are many other mailing lists and resources for OSS help, both outside and inside the Philippines, this list aims to provide a focused venue for people who need help without being burdened by extraneous discussion.

All of these lists are hosted @lists.iphil.net. To join a list, send an e-mail with "subscribe" on the subject header to LISTNAME-request@lists.iphil.net. (For instance, to join osn-announce, address the e-mail to osn-announce@lists.iphil.net)

I hope to see you on the lists, and I hope you can make full use out of these resources.


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