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Localvibe.com Launches Localvibe Wireless

Manila, February, 2000. Localvibe.com (http://www.localvibe.com) launched early this month their WAP service, effectively being the first Philippine website to take the initial motion in the final step towards a truly connected world. WAP, standing for Wireless Application Protocol, empowers users of cellular telephones to access the Internet without the need of a PC or any connected device, providing for the easy and fast delivery of relevant information and services to mobile users throughout the city; wherever they are, whatever time of day.

WAP technology is groundbreaking in that it frees users from their desks and their laptop computers, allowing them to be on the go while still having access to all the benefits of the Internet. WAP is especially significant in the Philippines, where cellular telephone users vastly outnumber the number of Internet users. In our text oriented culture, WAP stands to make tremendous waves by allowing further access to information to text crazy Metro Manilans.

Localvibe.com's new WAP service, Localvibe Wireless, is consistent with Localvibe's reputation for being on the cutting edge. Not only has Localvibe been the first website on the local scene to launch WAP services, Localvibe has insisted on introducing it on a no-extra-charge basis. Without earning from their WAP service, Localvibe implemented their wireless service with the intention of providing value-added services for the Filipino, in order to empower them with information about their city. One of the youngest sites in the Philippine Internet scene (Localvibe launched in January of 1999), Localvibe has forged ahead as the one of the trendsetters in the industry, taking the lead especially now with Localvibe Wireless. With WAP, Localvibe's audience stands to multiply into the millions as soon as the local telecommunication firms catch up with them and offer WAP access to their subscribers.

Localvibe Wireless empowers cellular phone users with WAP enabled phones to access Localvibe's movie schedules, Localvibe's comprehensive directory listings of restaurants, stores, bars and club, museums, and other city sights, and Localvibe's up-to-date directory of events happening in Metro Manila. With Localvibe Wireless, Metro Manilans now have access to services never before available anywhere through their pocket-sized cellular phones.

With WAP technology, and Localvibe Wireless, the mobile phone in a user's hands has now become a guide in itself to what's in and what's happening in the Metro Manila.

For cellular phone operators that support WAP or SMS (Short Messaging System), please send an e-mail to wireless@localvibe.com for more details on how you can offer their services to your subscribers. Both WAP and SMS services are both ready for implementation at this very moment.

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