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Erap Signs Bill on Y2K readiness

President Joseph Estrada recently signed a law that will ready the country against the millenium bug.

The Year 2000 Readiness Act was hailed by the President as the government's guarantee that services in the telecommunications, utilities, finance, health care, manufacturing, and other key activities shall not be compromised by the onset of the year 2000.

The President issued several guidelines in the readiness status against the Y2K bug:

  • Top priority for mission-critical applications like time-bound government, telecommunications and banking services in all ongoing Y2K efforts since their breakdown will affect most people and, as a result, jeopardize national security.


  • Formulate contingency plans after the date of reckoning to buy enough time to repair what needs to be fixed after year 2000 as part of the normal technology upgrading cycle.


  • Empower the people, especially those without easy access to information, through a massive Y2K information, education, and communications campaign.


Through the introduction of the guiding principles governing all Y2K transactions, the law is said to ease the burden on the country's trade and financial sector.


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