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By smbea <iamshery@msc.net.ph>


Just like shouting "Eureka!" to signify discovery, and "Yahoo!" as the Western way of shouting for joy, Filipinos let out "Yehey!" when they win in cockfights, lottery, or any other contest. The word is so Filipino that it has finally reached cyberspace and is now the name of the Philippines' top search engine.

Launched in 1997 as an online, fully searchable directory of Philippine Web sites and related information, Yehey! quickly became a favorite destination for the Filipino online community. Yehey! receives about 3,000 visitors everyday. That's 90,000 visitors a month!

Yehey! has a conveniently searchable and fully categorized directory of about 5,000 Philippine Web sites. Aside from this, the search engine also incorporates a searchable directory of contact information for nearly 2,000 companies and organization that have yet to establish a Web presence.

Another feature, the Pinoy Directory, lists thousands of Filipinos from all over the globe. This is a service from Yehey! which permits detailed analysis of visitor traffic and demographics. Updated everyday, the site also features the top news of the day, features on the local IT industry as well as weather forecasts.

Philippine Web sites at Yehey! are organized by category: arts; business and economy computer and technology; education entertainment ; environment and nature; government; health and fitness; leisure and sports news and media places society and culture.

It also features fresh sites, daily, weekly and monthly top sites. Yehey! is also trying to build an online community.

Sixty five percent of Yehey! visitors are from the Philippines, while the remaining 35% are from the United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the Bahamas.

Over 60% of these visitors are working professionals in computer as well as non-computer industries, and tend to be rather within the 20- to 30-year-old bracket.

Yehey! is maintained by WS Fiesta Online Corporation, which was established in 1997 as Fiesta Online Corporation to provide high quality intranet and Internet consulting and services. Primarily specializing in Internet marketing, WS Fiesta Online's services range from Web site production to promotion and media brokerage. It became part of the WS Computer Publishing Group of Companies in 1998.

If you want to know more about WS Fiesta Online and their services, drop and e-mail to marketing@yehey.com. Or you can send snail mail to:

    WS Fiesta Online Corporation
    7/F SEDCCO I Bldg.
    Rada cor. Legazpi Sts., Legazpi Village
    Makati City 1229

Go to http://www.yehey.com and discover your way through Philippine cyberspace.


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