About Us

The MSC Philosophy

We believe that human dignity is founded on intellectual independence that is in constant search for the Truth, on moral courage prepared to defend the Truth, on spiritual wealth in consonance with the Truth.

We believe that Education is God's means in bringing His gifts of human potentials into full flowering.

And above all, We believe that the supreme objective of Education is to make good human beings of us all.

The MSC Mission

The degree of the development of man is measured in terms of how he knows himself and how responsive he can be to a world in constant flux.

To be responsive to the world around him, man must be sound intellectually, physically, morally, emotionally, and spiritually. For only if he is such can he be truly capable of assuming his responsibilities to himself, to his family, to his community, to the world, and to his God.

As an educational institution, MSC is committed to the total development of man.

As a technological institution in a technological world, MSC is committed to exhaust its resources, if need be, to make its students technologically competent.

By this commitment we stand. We can do no other.

The MSC Vision

To be the catalyst in the community in technological education and development, advocacy of entrepreneurship, and environmentally-sound practices.